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The language of an art movement - Art Salon discussion #1

The first Art Salon gathering will be held August 2nd in Chicasso Studio at 8 pm. The topic of discussion will be on historic art movements and the language involved in such cultural manifestation. We will discuss the working terminology of our own collective and the group intention of the movement, with Sarah as the first featured artist, discussing her personal art work with its linguistics and symbology. Two terms she has bounced around are Spherealism and Spheritualism, so please share thoughts , perceptions, and reactions to those terms and feel free to introduce your own. Think of any words that you associate with your own process and how that could apply to a greater field of work. We will talk about the steps of creating a significant art movement, and our plans for documentation of that process. Be prepared to discuss each other's works within the context of the ideas here. We will have the projector and screen up so if you want to participate in the group critique, please you submit a high res jpeg or MP4 to , and if you would like to be a featured artist in upcoming salons, please inquire via email as well. This forum space allows for us to each create a page and share not only ideas but images as well, so this is another space for creative sharing.

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GenIsis Starbourne
GenIsis Starbourne
Jul 30, 2019

I am so amped about this movement and being a part of it. I feel the power of this movement as it speaks to my vision of my purpose as a social visionary!

Sarah thank you for creating this for us All!

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