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The Function
An Underground Art Salon
Brooklyn Style

The Function is a monthly art salon & speakeasy on the first floor of a beautiful old warehouse full of art studios near Broadway Junction in Brooklyn. We come from all backgrounds and walks of life to share and discuss our art, music, dance and ideas. Immersed in art, sipping libations, enjoying herbal reverie if we so choose... we flow, vibe, and sculpt culture together in an urban oasis of our own creation.  We invite you to share the experience with us...

Art sharing with open mic & discussion

This is a supportive space to share what you are up to, we offer a crit circle of sorts with discussion and feedback. Sign up here to share your art, music, dance, writing, or anything you want to test out in the world in a perceptive and discerning yet judgement free sphere. Freedom of expression encouraged. We are not here for elitism nor cancel culture, and are doing it for the subculture- not the 'gram- so your presence or creative sharing will not end up as corporate controlled content.  


***Note that this is a private, social media free space so please refrain from posting. However you, your friends and family are indeed welcome. Word of mouth, dm, or email sharing is encouraged.  


The next salon is August 15th in the Level Gallery space directly following its summer show closing reception at 8 pm.

Brown Bears Studio

1660 E. New York Avenue #115

Brooklyn, NY



Sign up to share your art!

Videos by Jahlisa Forcheney

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